TCI Laboratory will strictly follow the terms associated with the customer’s privacy including names, addresses, application details, and private informations as presented below.

1. TCI Laboratory values customer’s privacy and will strictly follow the terms and laws over the security for company information, personal information.

2. TCI Laboratory will follow the terms presented below when dealing with customer’s private information.
Identification of the individuals when applying:
●We will use this information to deliver requested materials, necessary invitation, and greetings.
●In order to apply to services provided by Hiyoshiya Corporation.
●In order to send surveys, recommendation, and giveaways related to services provided through telephone, email, and transport.

3. TCI Laboratory will strictly deal with customer’s private information by establishing internal regulations, management system, employee education. Unauthorized access to personal information and loss, destruction, falsification and leakage will be prevented through strict regulations and will continue such approach to protect customer’s private information.

4. TCI Laboratory will follow the terms presented above. In order to achieve the terms, we may cosign with trusted business contractor. In that case, we will select a company with sufficient protection of personal information, and implementation of necessary and appropriate measures such as concluding a contract for protecting personal information. In addition, in the case of requests for disclosure from a court or police agency or other public organization based on laws and regulations, personal information may be provided to the relevant public authorities.