Client: Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Project Term: 2012 ~

Kyoto Contemporary

The traditional crafts and goods of the old capital, Kyoto, are called “Kyo-mono” (lit. Kyoto things) and have been popular for ages. We strive with sincere dedication to further modernize these goods to complement contemporary lifestyles. In this project, our ongoing efforts are focused on conceiving new exceptional gems merging sophisticated craftsmanship and designs on the edge of global market trends.
Kyoto Contemporary project is based in Paris, the world’s fashion center, and Shanghai, the global market’s most vibrant city. The concept is to capture the charm of “kyo-mono” goods while adapting to contemporary styles. We engage in product development around the clock with the goal of giving joy to consumers as they connect with the spirit of Kyoto craftsmanship. We invite you to explore a world of innovation where you can feel the spirit and expertise of skilled Kyoto craftspeople contained in cutting-edge designs.

Hiyoshiya, the origin of TCI Laboratory, has been actively developing sales channels in overseas markets through our own projects such as KOTORI, MOTO, etc. Utilizing the know-how accumulated through these projects, we are committed to providing support to clients in traditional industries of Kyoto who seek overseas business expansion. Our services include consistent and comprehensive support for everything from planning & development of market-oriented products to arranging meetings with buyers, international exhibition and event support, and post-exhibition follow-up consultation.

Creative Team