This joint project was conducted with Nakani, a tenugui washcloth dyeing factory in business since 1966.
Nakani recently started a new tenugui product line, Nijiyura, using the chusen, or pour-dyeing, technique. In this project, we have developed a design product featuring Nijiyura tenugui, called SACUTONE.

SACUTONE is a wall calendar that embodies the idea of saku, or “tear away,” tenugui cloth as a means of “flipping” the calendar pages. The torn-off sheet can be used any way you please, perhaps as a handkerchief, a tea napkin, or for handcraft material cloth. After all of the cloth sheets are torn off, you can even enjoy crafting a hataki cleaning duster from the remaining wood bar and cloth scraps.

This environmentally-friendly calendar will produce no waste until the very end!