世界14ヶ国の代理店ネットワークがあり、現地バイヤーやデザイナーを巻き込んだ商品開発を行う事で、市場特性に合致した商品のグローバル・ローカライズを図っています。Backed by our own business network spread over fourteen countries, we work with partnered buyers and designers to identify target markets and develop products that are localized to best succeed in those markets. Our base in Paris, L’ATELIER BLANCS MANTEAUX, also plays a key role in promoting Japanese culture and tradition to the world.

伝統の技を世界で売るSell Traditional Craftsmanship to the World

日本には世界に誇るものづくりの文化があります。しかし実際は、世界や日本国内にすら浸透していない伝統の技が山ほどあります。Japan takes pride in our globally-recognized culture of "monozukuri," or craftsmanship; however, many traditional skills are not widely known internationally, or even domestically.

How can we create new products designed for contemporary life while continuing to respect our legacy of world-leading monozukuri craftsmanship?
The best solution involves information-gathering from professional buyers at the forefront of the market. We use such information to inspire attractive product designs, which are further enhanced by skillful production techniques and well-chosen quality materials. A beautiful product alone is not enough; the key is to create a unique design that also factors in a deep understanding of wholesale value, production methods to accommodate sales volumes, and cost calculations.
Actual success in the marketplace requires even more work, such as branding strategies that increase value, broadening recognition in the market, and building an effective media presence.

これらが揃って初めて、バイヤーが取扱やすく、お客様が買いたいと思える、「売れる(=市場に流通する)」商品が生まれる事になります。With all of these elements in place, we can finally create a "sellable product" (marketable) that satisfies both buyers and end-users.

日吉屋クラフトラボスキームHiyoshiya Craft-Lab Strategies

日吉屋クラフトラボでは今まで培ってきたノウハウ・人脈をもとに、「売れる(=市場に流通する)」商品が生みだすための独自スキームを開発し、海外展開をお考えの企業様に対するアドバイザリー事業を実施しております。We use our accumulated expertise and networks to provide advisory service for clients exploring overseas markets, applying our own business strategies to create a "sellable product."

  • 独自性1:Tactic 1:

    インターナショナルアドバイザー・デザイナーを起用し、現地ニーズに合致した商品開発サポートSupport new product development with our international advisors and designers, focusing on the needs of the target market.

  • 独自性2:Tactic 2:

    現地クライアントと連携し、海外での効率的なネットワーク構築をサポートSupport overseas network-building in collaboration with partners from the target market.

  • 独自性3:Tactic 3:

    海外代理店を活用し、展示会後のきめ細かいアフターフォローをサポートExtensive follow-up by our partnered overseas agents after product exhibitions.

  • 独自性4:Tactic 4:

    現地パートナーとの共同経営実店舗による販売、マーケティング、PRSupport of sales, marketing, and promotional events at our flagship shop co-owned with our overseas partners.

グローバルネットワークGlobal Network

日吉屋クラフトラボには世界14ヶ国の代理店ネットワークがあり、現地バイヤーやデザイナーを巻き込んだ商品開発を行う事で、市場特性に合致した商品のグローバル・ローカライズを図っています。Our business network includes fourteen countries. Working with diverse international buyers and designers throughout the product development process, we strive for successful localization of products optimized for target markets.